”Jag har med min långa erfarenhet av ledarskap och förändringsprocesser alltför sällan träffat konsulter som är förankrade i affären och samtidigt förstår hur du konkret hjälper en organisation kan ta eget ansvar i svåra och komplexa stunder för att på detta sätt uppnå resultat för alla.

Per Davidsson är unik i detta sammanhang och har vid flera tillfällen varit en nyckelperson i att hjälpa mig och mina ledningsgrupper att få våra medarbetare och oss själva att på ett tryggt och klokt sätt anamma det svåra uppdraget som står framföra oss och skapa ett ansvarstagande som verkligen varit till fördel för båda individerna och organisationen.

Detta har skett både genom faktabaserat angreppsätt men också genom att skapa medvetenhet och självkänsla hos de som varit med.

Per Davidsson är därför en person som jag verkligen rekommenderar att anlita när det gäller ledarskap, mentorskap och process implementation. Per har en unik bred kunskap som jag sällan stött på. Han har varit med att förbättra resultat, både rent ekonomiskt men också i värde som sträcker sig över lång tid.”

Marika Skärvik,

VD PerformancePotential

Tidigare Årets Chef och en av Årets mäktigaste Affärskvinnor enligt Veckans Affärer med 25 års erfarenhet som VD och ledare.

”For more than ten years I have had a very fruitful professional relation to Per Davidsson in my work as HR manager within Tieto. Pelle has worked for Tieto in different assignments over those years and we have always been very satisfied with his work and the way he has helped us in different situations.

As a person I think Per is an easy guy to connect to, very down to earth as well as open-minded. With his long experience in meeting different organizations as well as people, he easily adapts to situations given to him. He is prestige less, but in his way of acting you feel his power and strength and he is not anyone just to fool. He would neither not turn himself down if he strongly believes something is wrong or could be made in a different way.

One of his strengths is his ability to listen and easily analyze a situation just by listening and view people in action. Then clear gives advice and show what needs to be changed or made differently and coaches the team or the person to reach these goals.

Per worked with one of our leadership teams over two years with the goal to change their focus as well as the roles of the salesforce around Sweden.

During one year Per worked with the sales teams and managed to get the teams to change the result from being negative to positive.

Over the years we have had situations with teams not working sufficiently as well as where customers have had too high expectations and demands.

Per have then worked with the teams as well as how to tackle and manage expectations from customers with successful turn around.

As well we have used Per in many individual coaching sessions where mainly managers have a target and challenge that they need to reach and to reach that we have successfully used Pelle.

For me as a HR manager Per is a great sparring partner which I trust and respect highly.

We have over the years had many great and for me important discussions over challenges for both me as well as my organization.

I am truly grateful for being able to use his long and extensive experience in different situations.

I therefore highly recommend Per Davidsson for national as well as global assignments, large as well as small organizations and for groups to individuals.“

Ewa Wahlgren,

HR Manager Tieto Sweden

”I have worked with Per on several occasions, in different geographies. Never time wasted!  His solid background and both theoretical and practical experience enable him to prepare and execute activities connected with team building: in Ukraine we worked with the Market company management team which was young and predominantly local, and it was a great success, allowing the team to get to the next level of trust and understanding.  It helped us through the difficult times in a better way.

In South Africa the team was more senior and very diverse in terms of age, experience and culture. And even with such a team, the feedback from all members was very positive and we as a team really bonded much better both as professionals, and also as individuals.

I highly recommend working with Per when uniting new teams for better performance!”

Uros Kepic,

MD Tetra Pak Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia